F3 Key Lock Box
F3 Key Lock Box
F3 Key Lock Box
F3 Key Lock Box
F3 Key Lock Box

F3 Key Lock Box

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Internal Dimensions:
110mm) H x (85mm) W x (55mm)D

0.34 kg

4 digit combination key safe lock box

Conceived out of feedback from actual PAX in our annual F3 Gear Store Survey, the F3 KEY LOCK BOX answers the age old question, “What do I do with my keys during the workout?” After all, nothing makes the gloom gloomier than returning to an unexpectedly empty parking spot. Make no mistake. Your current solution of leaving keys near or atop one of your tires is completely original and totally unpredictable… (pause to question sincerity). Meanwhile, keeping them with you risks super uncool injury. 

M1: “I see you limping; must have been a heck of a beatdown this morning.”

M2: “Actually, I landed on my keys during the first round of burpees.” 

M1:“Wow. That’s just sad.”

M2: “I know.”

Real problems need real solutions - hence, the F3 KEY LOCK BOX. This waterproof combination lock from ASACK/MASTERLOCK is light but crazy strong passing the industry's most respected cut tests. It weighs less than a pound and is super easy to operate and install.

The F3 KEY LOCK BOX is convenient in the gloom, but it is extra handy during marathons/triathlons where you may have to travel far from your vehicle, often without a trustworthy bag check.


What are the internal lock box dimensions?

  • Height: 110 mm
  • Width: 85 mm
  • Depth: 55 mm
  • Weight: 0.34 kg 
Would this lock fit on the door handle?
The lock is commonly attached to hitches and overhead racks. However, it also fits on most car door handles. 
Will it scratch up the side of my car?
We have no reports of the lock scratching the car. That being said, it's possible depending on how hard it hits or rubs the side... similar to the way car keys can scratch the side simply from repeat use. Long story short - be careful, and never drive while the lock is still attached to a door handle. 
Can I set my preferred combination?
Yes. The 4-digit combination is easily programable. 
Does this work for keys with proximity sensors?

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Customer Reviews

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Just what I needed

For many years had been leaving my car keys on the top of my tire or in the windshield wiper well. Knew this one day be a problem. When I saw this advertised, I knew it was what I needed. I now hook it to a passenger door handle or my hitch mount. My car is one if key is my hand or pocket and I grab the driver or front passenger handle, the lock opens. I checked with hooking on back door handle if it would allow door to unlock and it didn’t. I am grateful that I know feel safe when going on log runs or working out at AO. Also, I do not have to carry my key fob on those long runs.

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