F3 Discounts

High-quality gear providers that have agreed to offer discounts to F3 PAX or royalties to support F3 Nation.


What: Gear and Events 
The Deal: PAX purchases of GORUCK gear and events now earn a royalty for F3 with this link


What: Makers of the Hyper Weight Vest, which features weights that are easily added and removed and a form-fitting cut that makes it ideal for running and high-movement F3 workouts, the SandBell, the SteelBell and other cool gear. 

The Deal: Use the coupon code F3 to get a 15 percent discount on orders direct from the Hyperwear website

Ruck Customs
What: Upgrade your ruck with heavy duty Kydex frame sheets and Velcro paneling. From Texas with love <3.
The Deal: Use code F3NATION at www.ruckcustoms.com for 10% off
Knoted Cords
What: Knotted Cords specializes in creating accessories for your ruck from 550 cord - primarily ruck handles. We also make items for daily use - like key chains, bracelets and water bottle handles. If you have a project you want to be done with 550 cord, we are here for you!
The Deal:Use Coupon code "F3Nation" at www.knottedcords.com for 15% off anything on the site.
Booze Dogs - Man's Best Brat!
What: Liquor Infused Bratwurst! Bourbon, Gin, Rum, and many more to come!!! The 2nd F is the heart of Booze Dogs. PAX don’t enter the gloom alone, nor should Booze Dogs be enjoyed alone. Created by a PAX for the PAX. Use Promo Codes “F3” & “Headlock”! Share the promo codes to family and friends on social media to expand and headlock more sad clowns! Aye!
The Deal: “F3” = 5% of any purchase goes to F3 Expansion. “Headlock” = 15% on purchases ≥ $40.00 (5% discount to you and 10% goes to F3 Expansion)
What:No other compression and cold therapy system tops the convenience, value and flexibility of PowerPlay. At approximately one pound, PowerPlay is convenient for travel or home use–and with three ports that each offer cold and intermittent, sequential compression for joints and muscle relief, PowerPlay gives you more therapy options. Our products combine the benefits of both cold therapy and compression therapy to get you optimized results.
The Deal: “F3NATION” = 10% discount and 10% of any purchase goes to F3 Expansion.
What: The Freeze Sleeve is a revolutionary cold therapy compression sleeve for arms and legs providing relief and recovery to aching muscles and joints. It provides 360 degrees of coverage along with comfort, flexibility and mobility to the user. Gone are the days of filling up ice bags, inserting gel packs, or dealing with cumbersome wraps. Just Freeze It – Sleeve It – Relieve It. Proudly made in the USA!
The Deal: Use code F3NATION at www.freezesleeve.com for 20% off.
Hand Made by Heroes
What: HandmadeByHeroes.com is a business operated by U.S. military veterans and family members. Our main products are paracord bracelets and key chains, which are hand-crafted by our team of U.S. veterans. Our primary objective is to empower our U.S. veterans and help them transition from the military life back to civilian life.
The Deal: 10% Discount Code for F3 at handmadebyeheros: F3HBH
Rhino Rings
What: A Wedding Band for the Active and Committed. Rhino Rings are strong, durable, elastic rings that will replace your traditional wedding band whenever the situation calls.
The Deal: Use the code RHINOF3 at checkout to get 15% off your order.
Web Page
Store link
Rudy Project
What: From F3 Triple Shift: "I have been talking with Rudy Project and they want to offer discounts to the PAX of F3 and FIA Nations. It all started with needing new sunglasses since I had Lasik done recently. My friends run a local triathlon group and I asked if anyone had worn Rudy Project sunglasses and if there is a discount code that I could use. I found out that this local Tri Group entered into this agreement (below) with Rudy Project and was just thinking, "Hey, we are way bigger than this local Tri Group, maybe we can get a deal as well?" Anyway, as you can see below, they are offering their products at a pretty good discount and they have a great warranty. This company is international and has been around a long time and is very big in the Triathlon scene. "
The Deal: Discount Code "F3Nation" for 35% off ALL current catalogue Rudy Project items including single vision prescription. - www.e-rudy.com/vipand www.xx2i.com
remodeez Footwear Deodorizer
What: Charcoal Order adn Moisture Removers contain activated charcoal derived from sustainable coconut husks, which eliminates odor and absorbs moisture, hindering mildew and bacteria growth.  Place them in shoes between wearing to keep them fresh.
The Deal: Use this link to go to remodeez.com for 10% off plus free shipping on 2 or more items with discount code "f3nation"
Vintage Porch Swings
What: F3 brother, Swinger, makes these handmade porch swings in Charleston, SC. Call toll free 866-610-6322 and visit vintageporchswings.com for a wide variety of swings and textiles to suite your home for indoor or outdoor use. Create a sanctuary spot for your M.
The Deal: Hand-crafted excellence delivered F3-nation-wide to your door with a 15% discount use code "SYITG."
What: A uniquely effective and flexible torture/massage and stretching device from our friends at Spartan. Here’s my review from earlier in the spring.
The Deal: Use this link to the Body Wrench website and enter the coupon code F3Nation for a 25 percent discount. In addition, the Spartan folks are sending $10 to F3 for every Body Wrench sold through this promotion.
What: Interval Nutrition's premier Intra workout out product with patented Pepto pro as well as Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin's for enhanced endurance and recovery. This unique all natural performance product also contains a full clinical dose of Beta Alanine, L carnitine, Taurine and electrolytes for hydration. Other performance products Lipo Nourish, Thermo nourish and Pre nourish.
The Deal: Use code F320 for 20% off here!
American Made Nutrition
What: We are American Made Nutrition. We create elite nutritional supplements for people that want to use a brand they can trust. If our logo is on it, you can have confidence in knowing that product has been engineered to perform up to the highest standards in the bodybuilding world. We have solutions for the serious bodybuilder and for the weekend warrior. www.americanmadenutrition.com
The Deal: Use code F325 for 25% off here!
What: The Palmetto Relay is great fun for everyone - you don't have to be an ultra runner to enjoy them.  Distances and training are similar to that of a half marathon.
The Deal:
Use codes:
P70_2019_F3_FULL - $50 off Full /70 team

P70_2019_F3_ULTRA - $25 off Ultra /70 team

at checkout!
What: The Palmetto Relay is great fun for everyone - you don't have to be an ultra runner to enjoy them.  Distances and training are similar to that of a half marathon.
The Deal
Use codes:
P200_2019_F3_FULL - $100 off Full /200 team

P200_2019_F3_ULTRA - $50 off Ultra /200 team

at checkout!
What: Noxgear is a leader in developing running, walking and cycling visibility gear for PAX and their dogs. Their products are well designed and constructed with high quality materials.
The Deal: Purchase any item 35% off MSRP year round at https://www.noxgear.com/:: F3NATION
What: SlicNut is an anti-chafing gel for F3 HIMs who just won't quit. It's waterproof, long lasting, non-greasy and safe for your clothes. Use it for your next F3 beat down, ruck, ride or run.

Slicnut, created by F3 HIMs for F3 HIMs.

The Deal: Purchase SlicNut and get 10% off. Go to SlicNut.com. Use coupon code: F310.
Salty Britches
What: Salty Britches is a soothing long-lasting barrier against skin irritation for any occasion. Created to withstand salt water and chafing - now trusted by families, athletes and military personnel for year-round all-day protection. Salty Britches is based and manufactured in the USA. Additionally, for every tube sold, Salty Britches donates one tube towards US military and first responders.
The Deal: Use Code TBGDD for 20% off. Go to GetSaltyBritches.com