F3 Patches

The F3 Gear Store can help you create custom 3x2 patches with or without the licensed F3 Logo.

If your patch design includes F3 or the F3 logo, it MUST be approved by F3 Marketing and be ordered through the F3 Gear Store.  Email your patch design to support@f3gear.com to get started.

  • The minimum order for custom patches is 50 patches.
    • This can be done as one bulk order shipped to one address for  $200 ( $4 per patch) including shipping and all logo license fees,
    • Or we can hold a pre-order to sell them in 5-packs for $25 each to split up the cost.  Each 5-pack order can be shipped to a different address.  A minimum of 10 5-packs (50 patches) must be sold to produce the order.
  • Patches will ship 20 business days after the final order is submitted including finished artwork. (For 5-Pack pre-orders, the clock starts after the order closes)

To get started, email your patch design to support@f3gear.com, and we will manage review by F3 Marketing.  Current F3 brand standards are that the F3 logo should stand alone or be located in the top left corner of the patch.  All uses of the logo are subject to final approval by F3 marketing.