F3 Custom Safety Alert Shoe Tag - Made To Order
F3 Custom Safety Alert Shoe Tag - Made To Order
F3 Custom Safety Alert Shoe Tag - Made To Order
F3 Custom Safety Alert Shoe Tag - Made To Order

F3 Custom Safety Alert Shoe Tag - Made To Order

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Our Waterproof F3 Safety Alert Shoe ID Tag is made from Surgical Stainless Steel giving you top quality and designed to be worn on any shoes size. Have confidence that your custom message will be attention-grabbing in any emergency with the use of our bold, high contrast black lettering.

The shoe tag comes in a polished stainless-steel finish and measures at 1.89” x .44” and allows for eight lines of customization. Four lines will be engraved on the front side with 18 characters per line and the custom F3 logo. In addition to the front side, another four lines can be engraved on the back side with 24 characters per line giving you plenty of room for your most important information to be custom engraved.

    This F3 Shoe ID attaches securely through your laces. The polished stainless-steel shoe tags allow for up to 8 lines of engraving giving you enough room to add your allergies, medical history, emergency contacts, and more. Perfect for anyone Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Food Allergies, or even just some fun quotes or inspirational sayings.

    • Polished Stainless Steel Shoe ID Tag with F3 Logo
    • 1.89″ Length x .44″ Height x .12″ Thickness
    • CO2 Laser Engraved with 4 Lines on the Front (18 Characters Per Line) and 4 Lines on the Back (24 Characters Per Line)
    • Fits Shoe Sizes for Men, Women and Children
    • Waterproof, Durable and Rust Proof


    All bands will ship with the F3 logo on the left.  You may add any text on the right including your F3 Name, Real Name, Emergency Contact Info, or whatever you'd like.  There are 4 lines of text available at the front - each line has a maximum of 18 characters which includes spaces. And the 4 lines of text available at the back - each line has a maximum of 24 characters which includes spaces.  You may also leave lines blank.  To count characters you can use this Online Character Counter https://www.charactercountonline.com/.   You will see a Text Box to type in the front and back details.  If you have questions, please email us at support@f3gear.com.  Please use the following format for your text:

    FRONT (max 18 characters each line)

    BACK (max 24 characters each line)


    NOTE: You can also purchase our F3 Logo Sport Medical Bracelet (same maker of this F3 Shoe Tag).

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