Based on several requests from regional gear Q's to create stickers with their regional logos, we've found a way to make this work. These are great for guys to put on cars, laptops, coolers, etc. Just email a photo of the logo you'd like on a custom hat pre-order to and we'll help get that started for you.

  • The stickers are high quality 4x4 squares or 3x4 rectangles depending on the shape and best fit for your logo.
  • The minimum order is 50, and price per sticker goes down with quantity. The stickers are produced in a separate facility from your shirt order and must ship directly to you.
  • We are not able to support shipping a sticker with each shirt order from the F3 Gear warehouse. The prices below already include the F3 logo license royalties.
  • If you would like to sell these stickers in your region to recover costs, you are free to do so without any further fees.
  • Qty 50 / $100 ($2 each)
  • Qty 100 / $130 ($1.30 each)