F3 Logo FAQs

Can I make my own F3 shirts?
No - The F3 logo is a licensed trademark.  All uses of the F3 logo, the text "F3" and "Fitness Fellowship Faith" must be approved by F3 Marketing.  F3 Gear sales are one of the primary means by which F3 supports expansion and pays the costs of managing the F3 website and other programs. For this reason, The F3 Gear store has been designated as the only officially licensed provider of gear with the F3 logo.  This ensures sales tax is collected as required and enables F3 to receive license royalties that help support operations and growth.

Can I use my own local screen printer?
No - MudGear is solely responsible for the selection of third-party providers for items in the F3 Gear Store.  The fastest and easiest path to custom shirts is to use our existing providers, but we will evaluate new screen printers if there is a good reason to do so.  It will take some additional time to establish the relationship and terms and shirt options with that provider.  Policies and prices must be negotiated to include royalties to F3 for logo use, fees for payment processing, and handling of sales tax.