F3 Custom Logo Shirts: 2 Pick Your Shirts

The standard F3 shirt packages offer several performance and casual shirts selected as PAX favorites. We try to keep these shirts in stock and ready for printing. You can offer all of these shirts in your order, and sales of any of them count towards a single 12 shirt minimum order. The standard package is the fastest and recommended choice for new orders.  Base shirt prices are below. You will add $2 per ink color in your back logo.  Reflective logos are more expensive and should only be applied to light color shirts.
  • F3 Standard Package





      • Other shirt colors: You can't go wrong with badass black shirts.  Black is the unofficial uniform of F3.  It hides stains, sweat, and blood, but most importantly it is the least likely color to give you availability problems, printing delays, and unhappy PAX.  It's easy to add color to your logo, but if you want to offer colored shirts, proceed with caution:
        • We do not keep color shirts in stock, so it will add about a week to your delivery time
        • If you choose a color that requires a different color logo, that color logo has a new 12 shirt minimum order
        • In rare cases, colors have gone out of stock from suppliers during the order period
      • That said, if you still want a color shirt option, one shirt color may be added to the standard package above at no additional cost, provided that the logo color is the same.
    • MudGear Tri-Blend Tee is available in Heather Black and in Heather Grey
    • ALL other MudGear Shirts are available in black.  

                   Sport-Tek Colors: (subject to availability and F3 Marketing approval)

      • Other non-standard shirt options: Many other shirt styles and brands are available by custom order including Under Armour colors, New Balance, Comfort Colors, American Apparel, Tultex, Next Level, District Made and others. Since we don’t keep all of these shirts in stock, most of these options will add about a week to the order timeline, and the pre-order will be limited to that one shirt type.  Only the standard package allows many shirt types in the same pre-order.


      What happens if we don’t hit the 12 shirt minimum?
      You can either buy the remaining shirts yourself to hold and sell later, or we can refund every purchaser's money, but we'll probably keep yours for wasting our time. Kidding. Sort of.

      Can I get a free shirt as Q?
      You can request that we add $2 per shirt to enable that for your trouble, provided you can withstand the beatings your PAX may administer. But the prices above do not reflect this.

        • TO DO - After reviewing these options, email us to tell us you'd like:
          1. the standard package (recommended)
          2. the standard package plus a color in Sport-Tek and/or District Made
          3. to discuss a different shirt type or color option


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