F3 Custom Logo Shirts: 1 Design Your Logo

  • The first step in creating a great logo is determining the Order Q. If you are reading this, you are probably the Order Q. There will be many opinions, but yours is final.  Great logos are not made by committee
  • All F3 shirts must be sold via the F3 Gear Store.  Here's why
  • All F3 shirt designs require approval by F3 Marketing.   We'll facilitate this
  • The front of your shirt should feature the standard F3 circle logo only.  This keeps us looking like one united F3 Nation
  • Your back logo should represent your region, area of operations, race team, or event. Use these guidelines to speed approval:
    • Do not incorporate the F3 circle logo into your design.  It is generally acceptable to use the text F3 in a way that does not simulate the logo, such as in “F3 Wilmington”
    • If you are quoting a verse like “iron sharpens iron”, use the text itself rather than referencing a verse number
    • Don't use any symbols or images that could be confused to imply that F3 is not open to ALL men
    • Keep it clean
  • Add a ® (registered trademark symbol) after "Fitness Fellowship Faith" if you use that text in your design.  
  • Beyond these approval guidelines, you should also:
    • Avoid photo-realistic images that will not screen print easily
    • Remember that each ink color adds to the price of the shirt (about $2 per color)
    • Reflective logos are only available as single color flat designs without small details, and add $10 per shirt.  They only work well on light color shirts.
    • You can view the ink colors we print here.
  • If you'd like professional help with your logo, we have talented designers in the PAX who can help. Find a Designer.

View more design ideas from F3 Regions

  • TO DO: Request Approval - When your logo design is final, you will submit it for approval. Send an email to support@f3gear.com and include:
    • The Order Q's F3 Name, Hospital Name, email address, and phone number
    • The city/region of your PAX
    • An image of your logo (.jpg or .pdf)
  • You will receive a response in one to two days
  • TO DO: Send Final Artwork - When your logo is approved, you must send us the logo file in .ai or .eps format that is vectorized for screen printing.  Most designers can vectorize, or we can do this for you for $35


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