F3 Custom Regional/AO Logo Flag - Made to Order
F3 Custom Regional/AO Logo Flag - Made to Order
F3 Custom Regional/AO Logo Flag - Made to Order
F3 Custom Regional/AO Logo Flag - Made to Order

F3 Custom Regional/AO Logo Flag - Made to Order

Regular price$ 60.00
This item is produced when ordered and will ship in 10-15 business days. If you need to have this on a specific date, please inform support. 


The F3 Custom Regional/AO Flag does more than promote F3. The made to order flag symbolizes the unity, values, and personality of your specific region. Whether it’s a workout or some CSAUP gathering, nothing announces an F3 event is underway better than impactful men planting their shovel flags firmly into the AO yard. It’s especially awesome to see a sea of F3 flags in the morning gloom representing every PAX who is posting.  It’s not an event unless you represent!

Material: Polyester
Size: 3 ft x 5 ft (for other sizes, please contact support)
  • Choose from options: Reverse Side Mirror İmage (1 ply flag) or Same image on both sides (3 ply flag)
  • 2 Metal Eyes on left side to fix your flag
Customization Instructions:
  • Please send the vector files of your preferred design (regional/group logo) and the preferred flag color to support@f3gear.com.
  • We will send the design to our supplier and a proof will be given to you for review.
  • Production will start as soon as you approve the proof. 
  • The flag price/s listed already includes the shipping and F3 Royalties.
  • Price breaks are listed - for 2 or more Flags with the same logo
  • 1 Ply Flag - message support if you plan to order 10+ Flags
  • 3 Ply Flag - message support if you plan to order 10+ Flags
1 Ply - Quantity Price Cost Per Flag
Single Flag $60 $60
2 Flags $70 $35
3 Flags $99 $33
4 Flags $128 $32
5 Flags $155 $31
6 Flags $180 $30
7 Flags $196 $28
8 Flags $208 $26
9 Flags $216 $24
10 Flags $230 $23


3 Ply - Quantity Cost Per Flag
Single Flag $88
2-4 Flags $83
5-9 Flags $80
10-19 Flags $77
20-29 Flags $75
30-39 Flags $70
40-49 Flags $68
50 Flags $65


If you need an outdoor flag to fly on a tall flagpole, we recommend a 1ply flag. They have to be made from coarse material to release the wind pressure and that is why the printing ink bleeds through the fabric and we get the same image on the back as mirror image of the front side.

If you want the text to read correct from both sides, we have to print a 3 ply flag.
3 ply flags are made by sewing 2 flags back to back with a light blocking material in between to prevent shadowing through. This way, the text will read correct from both sides but with a price.
These are a bit heavy flags and will need strong winds to fly them.
We mostly recommend them for indoors when displayed in a way that both sides are visible like hanging from a ceiling.
Or short term outdoor use like parades.

How long should it take for my order to ship?
Most products we have in inventory will ship within one or two business days. If you pre-order an item with a custom logo, check the product page for a note about expected shipping dates. We also carry some "ondemand" products that made when ordered. If a product is printed when ordered it will say so on the product page. For these products, please allow 10-12 business days for delivery from your order date.

How long does normal or free shipping take?
Your order will usually be shipped the next business day (this excludes items that are pre-orders or those that have different shipping information on the product page).

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