2019 Official F3 Race Jersey Pre-Order

This year's winning logo design comes from Hello Kitty (aka Brian Jodice) a member of the PAX of F3 Carpex.

Brian Jodice is known in the F3 Gloom as "Hello Kitty." Kitty (for short) lives in Cary, NC, with his his wife, Liz, and their two little girls. He posts with the PAX of Carpex, where he jumped into F3 with both feet in May of 2017. His designs can been seen around the Nation having worked with Orlando, Chicago, Denver, South Wake, F3 Disaster Ops and more. For Kitty, working on F3 logos and branding is his "moment of zen," a chance for some solid D2X.

By tradition, this logo will be retired at the end of the year with no additional printings, so you can always tell who has been putting in down-painments the longest. The official yearly F3 Nation Race Jersey has become a cherished collectible for PAX across F3 Nation – a reminder of your years in F3, suitable for framing retired jerseys above the mantle as trophies to your manhood.

Order Deadline: Pre-orders will be taken until end of day 01/20/2020

Delivery Timing: These shirts will then be ordered from the screen printer for delivery by mid February 2020.

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