2017 Official F3 Race Jersey Pre-Order

Congratulations to F3 Pebbles of the Cola (Columbia, SC) region who produced this year's winning logo design...


The logo was our favorite example of a strong recurring theme across many of this year's submissions: the growing nationwide scope of F3.  We are all cognizant of our spreading influence and scale which seems to be at an inflection point.  Pebbles' "heat map" design captures this idea in a way that doesn't require a specific list of cities or states, but symbolically shows the radiating spread of F3 influence.  To the outsider, this logo quickly conveys the key message that F3 is something important and it is spreading.

Another round of pre-orders for this year's jersey opens today with an order deadline of 11/27/2017.  These shirts will then be ordered from the screen printer for delivery before Christmas.  Please note that new V3 Made in the USA performance shirts are included in this order but will ship later in May.

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