Winter Gloom Layering Guide

Malko here, and I know nothing about really cold weather.  My winter gloom layering advice comes from deep inside the Lukewarm Corridor of Charlotte Metro. 

In January 2012, I showed up to my first F3 Cherokee workout in horn-rimmed glasses and way too many clothes.  My glasses fogged up so much I couldn't see, and the AO had my clothes strewn all over it like a yard sale.  After a while, I wised up to contacts and realized that if I wasn't a bit cold at the start, I'd be way overdressed 10 minutes into the workout.

Here are my tips for what to wear in the gloom based on my region and experience.  I'd love to hear what works for you in your region.  Tweet your comments to @F3Gear.  Aye!

Above 50 °F 

It's going to be cool at first, but all you're going to need is a short sleeve performance tee and shorts. Go with a long sleeve tee shirt if you run cool.

45-50 °F

I like a long sleeve loose cut shirt over a fitted short sleeve shirt. This provides just a little extra core warmth. Add a hat if you want for a little warmth, but you'll probably throw it off a few minutes into the workout. You don't really need gloves for warmth, but the Madgrip gloves are fine for protecting hands.


40-45 °F

My go-to combo is a short sleeve fitted shirt under a light Sport-Tek pullover. Shorts are still good in this temp, and I may step up to a pair of mid-weight gloves like these F3 Armor Skins. A hat still works well. 

35-40 °F

It's going to feel brisk before the heart rate kicks in to warm you up. I still go with shorts, but I may rock my MudGear compression socks to cover up some more skin. Up top, I like a long sleeve performance shirt under a pullover or very light jacket. For headware, I have a thin beanie or the 5.11 under helmet beanie for warmth. Alternatively, you can use the F3 Buff as a light headwrap beanie.


30-35 °F

I'll consider sweatpants in the low 30s. Up top, I wear 3 shirts:  A fitted short sleeve, under a fitted long sleeve, under a loose long sleeve. You can lose the top layer if you run hot and still be pretty warm. Fleece Beanie. Cold Condition gloves.


25-30 °F

Definitely sweatpants or man tights under my shorts - always under my shorts. I like a warm shirt under a wind jacket or a 3-layer combo of short sleeve shirt, pullover, light shell jacket. Fleece Beanie. Cold Condition gloves. If there will be a windchill, add a buff on the neck that you can pull over your mouth and nose.


Below 25 °F

Layer up in everything I've got. In Charlotte Metro we've seen the teens and single digits but only rarely and the snow gear definitely came out. I'd love to hear from our Brother's up north how they gear up for this on a more frequent basis.

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