Have You Heard the F3 "43 Feet" Podcast?

F3 43 Podcast with Dredd and Dark Helmet


Since its inception in 2011, F3 has helped thousands of PAX make the conscious decision to stop being the “SadClown” and instead commit to “Get Right.” Through concentrated practices in fitness, fellowship, and faith, many of us credit F3 as a proven pathway to improved health, purposeful living, and effective leadership. The change began for many of us as an emotional headlock that eventually led to our first F3 workout. It was then affirmed as we studied and adopted the truths of Freed to Lead.  However, there is still one more tool in the F3N that is proving invaluable to many PAX’s maintenance in manhood, and yet, several others don’t even know it exists.

“43 Feet: A Leadership Podcast” is a weekly conversation between F3 Co-Founder, Dave Redding (Dredd) and a KOOL-AID DRINKER who happens to own a microphone, Frank Schwartz (Dark Helmet). We spoke to Dark Helmet about the podcast.


F3: Why a podcast?

DH: It was no secret that so many PAX are hungry for conversation. They’ve got questions, ideas, and testimonies as to how they’ve seen changes in their own lives. We also knew that a lot of these guys were already listening to podcasts of some sort. So, it just seemed like a natural fit. The overarching purpose is simply to spread and reinforce the leadership principles of F3.


F3: Is this the only podcast that F3N produces?


DH: No, there is actually another one that CSPAN creates weekly called “The Roundtable” where he has guests discuss different topics related to F3 and our walk as men. It’s a more tactical look at things, versus Dredd and my look at the more conceptual and principle based stuff.

F3: We joke that your only qualification is that you own a microphone, but you have a broadcast background, right?

DH: Well, I own a video communications company, and I worked in radio during college and grad school, but this is my first podcast. So, there’s been some learning on the job. In fact, if you compare the first couple of episodes to the newer ones, you can’t help but recognize the program’s evolution. There’s a huge difference.

F3: I think I heard Dredd poking at you on a recent episode about the sound of those first episodes.

DH: Yeah, the sound quality has definitely improved, but not just that. You know, originally, we just turned on the mic and went with whatever came out. So, not only was the audio not that good, there was no clear direction. There was just a lot of laughing and being stupid with the occasional moment of meaningfulness. Now, we’re 20 episodes in, and we have a more deliberate format with recurring features.

F3: Yea, what are some of those segments?

DH: Well, we give weekly shout outs to regions; we pray over requests within the Nation; and we answer at least one submitted question every week.

F3: So, the podcast isn’t just an extension of the book. It’s a way for guys to interact with the two of you.

DH: That’s right...as well as laugh with us and get a sense of mine and Dredd’s personalities.

F3: Again, the podcast is called, “43 Feet.” Explain the origin and dual meaning of the number 43.

DH: Well, the number 43 gained significance in the early days of F3 in Charlotte Metro.  Guys who were 43 years old were so over-represented in those first workouts that it became a joke in the COTs.  The number was later adopted in the book and lexicon as part of the phrase "Building 43 Feet Ahead" in reference to building a leadership road forty-three feet ahead of the people driving on it. The metaphor extends to mentoring and being willing to share your life lessons with guys who are just behind you on their life journey.

F3: What have you enjoyed most about producing this podcast?

DH: My favorite moments are when Dredd and I are talking about a given topic and things unexpectedly get deep. We know the topic could go that way, but there’s this uncertainty in both of us as to how vulnerable the other guy will allow himself to go. So, it’s really cool when this organic, “AHA moment” happens.

F3: I’m sure listeners appreciate it when you let yourself go there.

DH:  Oh man, there’s nothing more encouraging than hearing feedback from guys who say they’re going to make positive changes in their lives because of something they heard on the podcast!


F3: So for a guy who is new to the podcast, do you recommend he start at the beginning, or is there an episode that is a good one to make the first intro to it?

DH: I’d say, if for no other reason than to hear the evolution of the show, start at the beginning and go from there. Besides, Julie Andrews thinks the beginning is a very good place to start, so why fight it?




“43 Feet: A Leadership Podcast” can be heard and subscribed to on Apple iTunes or at https://soundcloud.com/f3nation. New episodes are released every week.

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