QSource is a free weekly Leadership Training series that will be launching across F3 Nation on January 1, 2019.  Get your QSource group together now to participate in this nationwide experience and conversation.

Let’s face it. F3 is so much more than a fitness group. It’s a training ground for men serious about becoming the purposeful leaders we were all created to be. We don’t just want to build our bodies; we also want to grow our minds and strengthen our spirits. That’s why aspiring HIMs pursue the other two Fs (faith and fellowship) beyond the handful of COT minutes following a workout; and they do it using a roadmap we call “QSource.” Here’s why you should get familiar with it before January 1st.

QSource is defined in the F3 Lexicon as “The Wisdom from which the Q draws to exercise Virtuous Leadership.” This wisdom comes in the form of a small group study/discussion guide for putting the F3 leadership philosophy into practice. The QSource handbook delves into  the four quadrants of Preparedness (Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right and Leave Right) by identifying, exploring, and even questioning the individual components (QPoints) that comprise each quadrant. Consisting of 50 lessons, QSource is F3’s curriculum for a year’s worth of weekly meetings. You’ll find that it is a highly impactful tool for open dialogue that leads to personal growth and greater trust and accountability within your Region.


That’s up to you. Many groups tack on a QSource meeting after workouts. Others may use it as a separate, midweek checkpoint. We even know of men incorporating the QSource curriculum into their once-a-week business lunches to infuse leadership into their office culture. If you endeavor to launch a QSource group, we only ask that you be consistent, punctual, purposeful, and respectful of participants’ schedules.  


For now, we are encouraging everyone who wants to start a QSource Group to reach out to Stinger (Twitter / @Stinger_F3) to get your copy of the QSource material to get started. We’re publishing the full and final QSource book in the beginning of 2019, so in the meantime until that’s complete, you can go to Stinger or online to .

Each lesson will include:

  1. Statement- QSource begins each lesson with a statement of the main discussion topic.
  1. Socratic- QSource always provides three thought-provoking questions to initiate discussion among the group.
    • E.g., Does service to others require a man to abandon service to himself?
  1. Spur- QSource ends each lesson with a truth to which we believe every meeting discussion will eventually lead, a takeaway to chew on in the subsequent days.
    • E.g., An unfit man is a slave to his lack of self-control.

Along with the PowerPoint guided format, we encourage each QSource meeting to have a clear beginning and end (COT). Similar to an F3 workout, every man who attends regularly should eventually serve as the meeting’s Q. Use these Tips for the Leader to help make your first QSource a success.

One more valuable resource is the QSource Index. It’s a quick way to access and review all of the F3 QPoints for Preparedness.


The WHERE is easy; the beginning, of course.

The WHEN is a little more involved. We know you’re eager to get started, but we encourage you to join the rest of F3 Nation in starting the new year of QSource on Week 1 of 2019. This allows PAX everywhere to move through the content together and share ideas as we go. Whenever/wherever a PAX pulls a Kevin Durant, he’ll still know what’s going on because we’re all viewing the same material. The 43Feet Podcast will feature the QPoint for each week in 2019, and you can get with your local QSource Q to stay on target as well.

Use these last few weeks of the year to talk up starting a QSource group. Work out the who, when, and where now so that you can hit the ground running in the new year.

Remember, there’s strength in numbers. Just as your fellow PAX have helped you become physically stronger through shared workouts, a yearlong QSource study can transform both Stones and Blades throughout the group in ways you’ve never even considered. Aye!

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