"10 Year Anniversary" Official F3 Race Jersey Logo Design Contest


The F3 Gear Store is now accepting entries for the OFFICIAL 2021 F3 RACE JERSEY LOGO CONTEST | 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION. Entries can be submitted through the end of day, 11/1/2020. F3 Marketing will make the final selection and announce the winner in time for holiday pre-orders.


For years, we have invited PAX in every region of F3 Nation to flex your design muscles and create an incredible, New F3 Race Jersey Logo. Year-after-year, you've risen to the occasion. Now, we need you to pull out the big guns to deliver a DESIGN FOR THE DECADE.


This year has had its setbacks, but 2021 is going to be incredible as the country's fastest growing peer-led fitness group for impactful men turns double-digits. That's why this design needs to be off-the-charts...worthy of a thousand TCLAPS.

The front will feature our standard F3 logo; but the back will showcase the winning design to commemorate the joyous sweat, pain, and agony of 10 years in the F3 gloom.

If your design wins, your individual shirt is on the house (it's the least we can do). More importantly, you'll have bragging rights for the rest of eternity. Every time you see PAX in your region or beyond wearing the 10 Year Commemorative Shirt, you have an instant, "oh, by the way" to help break the ice. PRICELESS! 

WARNING: Winning may cause others to point, stare, and forever refer to you as "The Man."


You don't have to be a professional graphics designer to enter this contest. There are essentially NO DESIGN REQUIREMENTS. Images can be fully developed or just sketches that need refinement. Whether it's a crude sketch or an intricate mockup, design dolphins and amateur artists alike are encouraged to submit ideas suitable for an INSTANT COLLECTOR'S ITEM for F3 HIMS everywhere.



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