2020 Official F3 Race Jersey Logo Design Contest

The F3 Marketing Team will soon select and unveil a new national Official F3 Race Jersey Logo for 2020. PAX from all regions are invited to submit ideas for this year’s design.

Like previous years, we plan to keep the standard F3 logo on the front, uniting us as one F3 Nation, and feature a new design on the back to commemorate this year of F3. As before, the logo will be retired at the end of the year with no additional printings, so you can always tell who has been putting in down-painments the longest. The official yearly F3 Nation Race Jersey has become a cherished collectible for PAX across F3 Nation – a reminder of your years in F3, suitable for framing retired jerseys above the mantle as trophies to your manhood.

You may post your submissions and view others in the Google Album link below.  Submissions can be fully developed images or just sketches of concepts that will need further refinement.

Google Photo Album To View Entries:

Select "Add to Album" up top to submit your own.

Deadline for entries is 1/25/2020.   CLOSED

Winning Logo to be announced 2/5/2020

You can also comment to applaud the creativity of others or voice your opinions.  Remember that this will be the fleeting image that countless sadclowns see passing them by on the course or track next year – make it memorable. There are no design requirements this year, meaning you do not have to incorporate the f3 URL or twitter handle – just make it is something that unites us across all F3 regions and nomad groups.  F3 Marketing will be making a final selection at the end of January, and then we'll get some shirts going for Spring races.

Thanks and good luck. Aye!


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