2018 Holiday Pre-Order Schedule

The holidays are coming, and many of you have started asking about the schedule for doing orders for F3 shirts/gear with custom regional and AO logos. We put together the schedule below to make sure your PAX can have regional gear under the tree this year.

If you want your region to participate, we'll need to hear from you asap...

10/20 10/31
Time to reply and Hard Commit. Oct 31 is the Last Day to let us know your Region/AO is in. The sooner the better, especially if your logo needs edits and re-approval.

11/7 to 11/21
Holiday Pre-order Window Live - Your Pax can submit orders

11/22 to 11/26
Final order extension if needed

11/27 - mid-Dec
Production time for all orders to ship before Dec 20

We're excited to offer a great pre-order package this year that includes the standard MudGear and Sport Tek offerings, along with some new items from Carhartt and UA. 

Again, if you would like your region to participate, please let us know ASAP and definitely before 10/31. Just email us at support@f3gear.com to let us know you are in.  

Here's what we need. Your F3 Name, hospital name, phone number, the name of your region/AO, and specify if this is an old logo or new logo art for the order. Aye!


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